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SN EN ISO 18753

Art.No.: 100681437
Edition: 2018-01 | Standard | Approved
Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) - Determination of absolute density of ceramic powders by pycnometer (ISO 18753:2017)
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Rules Set SN/INB
Publisher Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV)
European committee CEN/TC 184 Advanced technical ceramics
International committee ISO/TC 206 Fine ceramics
National committee INB/NK 2184 Fine ceramics
International accordance EN ISO 18753 (2017-09), IDT*ISO 18753 (2017), IDT
ICS Code 81.060.30 Advanced ceramics
Pages Count 11
Weight in kg 0.044
ISO 18753:2017 specifies a method for determining the absolute particle density of fine ceramic powders or sintered parts using liquid pycnometry. NOTE Other pycnometer methods like gas pycnometers (e.g. helium pycnometer), where a gas is used as media, also exist.
ISO 18753:2017 spécifie une méthode permettant de déterminer, à l´aide d´un pycnomètre à liquide, la masse volumique absolue de poudres céramiques ou d´objets obtenus par frittage. NOTE Il existe d´autres méthodes pycnométriques telles que celles impliquant l´utilisation d´un pycnomètre à gaz (par exemple, un pycnomètre à l´hélium) dans lequel un gaz est utilisé comme milieu d´immersion.
Valid from 2018-01-01
Replaces SN EN ISO 18753 (2005-12)

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